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Many children are facing abuse in the family, community and school physically, verbal, psychologically and sexually as well. Now, in this Digital Era many children ( data? 1 child in every 3? Source?) are facing Child Sexual Abuse Online. In this course, we aim to build the capacity of our teachers on OCSA. This course is inclusive of; the concepts of cybercrime against children, prevention of OCSA, and the Case Management System. Please go through the course on Child Protection in the Digital Era through teachers.

The course is developed by Voice of Children (VOC) in collaboration with Stairway Foundation Inc. (SFI Philippines to work for the prevention and protection of the children affected by CSAE. This course is also implemented in Indonesia by PKPA and the Philippines by SFI under the Global Program stopping Cyber Crime against children: More Safety and Protection on the Internet with the financial support of KNH Germany and BMZ. VOC is an organization that works for the protection of street-connected children and those who are at high risk for sexual abuse. (add work experience and areas/ themes covered)

This course is intended for teachers so that they are able to provide awareness about cyber safety to children. As children spend more time in school, they tend to believe teachers to be their mentors. The teachers in this position can generate creative ideas and activities to inform the children about OCSA. This course will enable the teachers to know and understand about the concept of cybercrime. It will also help teachers to understand the different forms of cybercrime happening to children in this digital era. The Rights of children are also explained in the course so that teachers will be aware and gain knowledge about child protection.

This course contains different information and stories regarding the online child sexual abuse that can be sensitive to the participants. All the stories that are included in the course are fictional and are used for informational purposes only. The course is particularly designed for the teachers. In this regard, they need to inform their students regarding the sensitivity of the course beforehand and make sure that they are not disturbed by any contents.

After taking this course, VOC hopes that the teachers are creating a safer space and proper facilitation of e-learning for children. As teachers, we expect them to be the focal persons/facilitators of the project we undertake. We understand that the matter at times can be difficult and challenging to deal with. But as our facilitators, we can always prioritize working and adapting to different modes and methods when communicating with our target group.

Besides informing and guiding the students, we want our teachers to be able to grasp the basic concepts as well as the specifics of OCSA. VOC hopes the teachers are able to understand that the most important aspect for us is to make the children aware of their rights and protection in a digital/native setting. As facilitators, we hope we can work towards delivering the same message in an appropriate and correct manner.

Happy E-learning 🙂

Starting Course

Introduction to E-Learning
10 Minutes

Welcome to eLearning! In this section, you will be briefly informed about the eLearning course through a VOC staff member. Please complete the pre-test to view the next section.

Quiz: Mobile / Native Apps
23 questions

After Intro

Realistic Graphic on UE4
Volta GPU for optimization.
Deep Learning
Cyber security is important

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Lets Learn From E-Learning Bridging The Gap